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OpenLearn Live: 2018 World Cup Special

Updated Tuesday, 10th July 2018

You might have noticed that England have made the Semi Finals of the men's World Cup. With football writing 'HOME' on a big piece of cardboard and standing hopefully at the side of road with its thumb out, fight the big match nerves with some calming insights into the world of soccer.

Vladimir Putin holds the World Cup Copyright free  image Icon Copyright free: The Jules Rimet trophy is presented to the winner of the FIFA World Cup

New for 2018

A line-up of articles fresh for this year's tournament - including, erm, the very first International match report, which is new in the way the fresh pies at the ground are fresh.

Try a sporty course

From the bench

Some of our classic football coverage - all firmly from this side of England's last World Cup win, though.




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