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Author: Simon Rea
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Want to achieve your goal? Try our Personal Best tool

Updated Wednesday, 2nd July 2014
Have you got a goal? Whether it is to exercise more, lose a few pounds, or write a novel, our Personal Best App will help you get there.

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Do you have goals and targets that you are struggling to reach? Personal Best is a Facebook App that helps you use the winning techniques from sports psychology to tackle your own everyday goals.

This tool will allow you to set a simple measurable goal such as exercising 3 times a week, or saving £500 in 6 weeks. When you set your target, the tool will calculate what you have to accomplish each week in order to achieve it. You need to be able to quantify your goal making sure that it is specific, measurable, achievable and realistic within 6 weeks.

Please bear in mind this is a simple tool so it cannot determine specific training programmes for every conceivable goal. If your target involves physical fitness or your health, you should talk to an expert before embarking on any programme of activity.

Launch the App in Facebook

You will need to sign in through your Facebook account to access the App. Once you are in, the App will be automatically saved in 'Your Apps' area. When you come back each week to record your progress, the App will remember where you were last time and calculate your progress accordingly. You can also choose to gain support from your existing friends network.

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Haven't got a Facebook account...?

Don't worry! You can still get all the academic insight by watching this video collection taken directly from the App, and learn from athletes the transferrable techniques you can apply to tackling your own everyday challenges and achieving your personal best.

Delve deeper into the subject

Has this whetted your appetite to find out more about sports psychology and other related topics? Why not take your journey further with a wealth of content on OpenLearn, from bespoke video produced for the Commonwealth Games, to academic insight and free course exploring psychological impact of sports injury. Sit forward and enjoy!


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