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Festival fever

Updated Tuesday, 23rd August 2016

Celebrate the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with our range of free courses, audio and video outlining areas to do with the arts.

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Blue skies over the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Creative commons image Icon Beth under CC-BY-NC-2.0 licence under Creative-Commons license The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world) is in full swing at the moment! To celebrate we've gathered a collection of relevant material to do with the arts. So whether you enjoy a side-splitting comedy performance or fancy performing in a play one day, there's something for everyone. Choose from the following:

Make 'em laugh - learn more about comedy

Unleash your inner playwright with these resources

Become a wordsmith with these learning tools on poetry

Make your performance perfect with these materials

Discover music theory with these articles and course

What's great about festivals? Find out here




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