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Small Data: Star Wars release & broadcast dates

Updated Tuesday, 17th February 2015
Do the lengths between US, UK & UK TV debuts of the first six Star Wars film tell us anything about changes in the entertainment industry?

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Line for the May 19th midnight showing of Star Wars: Episode I at the Stuart Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska. May 18, 1999 A queue to see the 1999 Phantom Menace in Nebraska. But are Star Wars less patient now? You used to have to be quite patient as a British cinema fan - films would open in America, and then, eventually, they'd find their way across to the UK. If you didn't enjoy going to the movies, or lived too far from a cinema, you'd have to be even more patient waiting for the film to turn up on TV. 

The changing nature of the entertainment industry - driven in part by digital media - has made the wait times shorter, and even - for some blockbuster films - virtually non-existent for a transatlantic transfer.

The first six Star Wars films, which cover a period of time (in our galaxy at least) between 1977 and 2005, give an interesting insight into how what was once a gap of years has shrunk.


Film title Theatrical release in US Theatrical release in UK Days between US & UK release UK free to air first broadcast Days between UK cinema & Free to Air TV debut Pay TV first broadcast Days between UK cinema & TV debuts
Star Wars 25/05/1977 27/12/1977 216 24/10/1982 1762   1762
Empire Strikes Back 21/05/1980 20/06/1980 30 25/12/1988 3110   3110
Return Of The Jedi 25/05/1983 02/06/1983 8 26/12/1989 2399   2399
The Phantom Menace 19/05/1999 16/07/1999 58 03/12/2002 1236 16/04/2001 640
Attack Of The Clones 16/05/2002 16/05/2002 0 29/11/2005 1293 15/11/2003 548
Revenge Of The Sith 19/05/2005 19/05/2005 0 07/11/2007 902 30/09/2006 499
  • Download an xls spreadsheet of this data
  • First UK free to air broadcast in each case was on ITV; first pay TV broadcast was on a Sky Movies channel - Sky Premier or Sky Movies 1. Release date is for first general release, and doesn't include restricted access events such as royal premieres.
  • Sources: Wookiepedia,, TV Times,, The Times, Birmingham Evening Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express

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