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How did Newcastle celebrate the 200th anniversary of Shakespeare?

Updated Wednesday, 20th April 2016

The 400th anniversary of Shakespeare is being well marked around the nation, and around the globe (and the Globe). But how was the 200th anniversary marked?

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Tuesday last, the 2nd centenary of Shakespeare was celebrated at Newcastle by a grand dinner, at the Queen's Head Inn, which was attended by about 60 admirers of the poet of nature; W. Loraine Esq., in the chair.

Songs and glees were sung by the professional gentlemen present, and Mr Stephen Kemble gave a long and able dissertation on the comparative merits of different poets.

"The feast of reason and the flow of soul" made the afternoon pass quickly away.

At the Theatre, the performance closed with the Jubilee of Garrick.

- from The Hull Packet and Original Weekly Commercial, Literary and General Advertiser, April 30th, 1816




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