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Past-Time Lover: Cleopatra

Updated Monday, 8 February 2021
This article is part of a collection produced for Valentine’s Day. Who would you select for your Valentine from these iconic figures from history? 

Profile of Cleopatra Cleopatra VII Philopator

Likes : power, revenge, lifelong commitment

Dislikes: weakness, betrayal

Nicknames: Nea Isis

Age: 2044

Personality traits: intelligent, manipulative, charming

A bit about me:

I am the true ruler of Ancient Egypt. My charms have influenced the most powerful men in the Western world.

I take action to get what is rightfully mine. I have brought demise to a total of three siblings who stood in my way – why share what you can take for yourself? I have been married a total of three times, two of which were to my feeble, insignificant brothers.

Using my womanly wit and charm I successfully embarked on a relationship with the Roman warlord Julius Caesar, whom I rewarded with a son. He proceeded to kindly dispatch of irksome brother who posed a small problem. After Caesar’s spiteful lack of recognition of my son as his heir, and his untimely death, I engaged in another mutually beneficial relationship to Mark Antony, who ordered the death of my betraying sister. He too was rewarded when I bore him twins. He eventually upgraded from his previous home and wife, to join me in Alexandria, where we wed and bore another wonderful child. This relationship allowed me and my children to rightfully rule over many lands. 

Octavian, the grandnephew of Caesar, who was unrightfully named heir instead of my son, convinced the Senate to declare war against Egypt. During mid battle, I took flight to return home with my ships, followed by my lover Antony, whose weak-minded soldiers deserted him for Octavian. After Antony took his own life, distraught with betrayal, I too followed him into the afterlife of my own accord– leaving Egypt a province of the Roman Empire.

I am looking for:

What is it that you might have to offer me? I am looking for a powerful suitor who has as much to bring to the table as I do – if not more. What benefits might our alliance bring to me and my many children? Be warned, I abhor betrayal, and crossing me is a deadly mistake.  If you think you could treat me like the Queen I am, and honour me until your dying day, I will gladly join forces with you, ‘til death do us part.

Is Cleopatra to die for? Cast your vote!

This article is part of a collection produced for Valentine’s Day. Who would you select for your Valentine from these iconic figures? See the collection and cast your vote by going to Past-Time Lover.

Illustrator: Neil Arnold


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