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A trip to Brighton

Updated Thursday, 20th July 2017

Fancy a quick trip to Little London By The Sea?

Brighton has been around a long time - it was in the Domesday survey, although back then it was called Bristelmestune and was considered worthy of a rent of 4,000 herring a year.

There was more than one Domesday survey, as Bettany Hughes discovered

Brighton Pavilion Creative commons image Icon Fenners1984 under CC-BY-NC-ND licence under Creative-Commons license

What changed Brighton's fortunes from sleepy fishing town and set it on the path to becoming the modern city of Brighton and Hove was the passion for sea bathing that led to the Prince Regent's decision to build what is now known as the Royal Pavilion there.

Try a free course sample: The design and construction of Brighton Pavilion

The design of the Pavilion was heavily influenced by the poetry and beliefs of the Romantic movement.

Explore the other legacies of the Romantics

During the First World War, the Pavilion became a hospital for the troops, as Jeremy Paxman learned

Find out more about Jeremy Paxman's series on the Great War for the BBC & the OU

But the Pavilion isn't Brighton's only fascinating building...

Stuart Mitchell visits the Tarner folly

... and even the bus shelters are interesting...

... and they may have gone pop art now, but originally they were inspired by the 1920s Art Deco movement

Tim Benton on Art Deco

For some people, Brighton can feel like a city on another planet. In fact, we can even use the seafront to explore how we discover what other planets are really like.

Take a Mission To Brighton

And what trip to the seaside is complete without a fish supper?

Ever Wondered About Food... the fish podcast

Finally, Brighton - like all coastal resorts - provides a challenge as the demands of locals, industry, and the environment interplay. What will the future hold for our coastal towns?

Send a postcard from the future




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