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The Acropolis and the Parthenon: Track 1


The Acropolis is one of the most famous ancient sites in the world. Rising over the city of Athens 150 metres above sea level, it consists of several significant archaeological remains of temples dedicated to various deities, and civic buildings. This album offers a chance to tour the Acropolis and examine its many buildings, including its best preserved temple, the Parthenon, along with its friezes, known as the Elgin Marbles. Also, the album follows the route of the procession that took place during the Panathenaea festival which rivalled the Olympic Games in popularity, and contains a track to help the student understand the conventions used to draw up plans of ancient buildings and to visualise 3-dimensional structures. This material forms part of The Open University course A219 Exploring the Classical World.

Track 1: The Acropolis

An introduction to this album’s contents.

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 The Acropolis An introduction to this album’s contents. Play now The Acropolis
2 The Panathenaia and the Panathenaic way How the archaeological remains of ancient Athens reveal much about civic life. Play now The Panathenaia and the Panathenaic way
3 The Acropolis Exploring the Acropolis in the footsteps of ancient Athenians. Play now The Acropolis
4 The Parthenon Exploring the functions of the largest building on the Acropolis Play now The Parthenon
5 The Parthenon -pediments and metopes Looking at the surviving pieces from the Parthenon’s pediments now in the British Museum, and seeing how they would have looked originally. Play now The Parthenon -pediments and metopes
6 The Parthenon frieze A chance to see one of the most famous remains of ancient Greece, in the British Museum. Play now The Parthenon frieze
7 Plan drawings Introducing vital skills for understanding a drawing of a temple plan. Play now Plan drawings

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