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The Italian Cantastorie: Track 1


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Italians are world renowned as passionate people, and their passion feeds through to their music and story telling. This album explores the tradition of the Cantastorie - the Italian Storyteller. Cantastorie Mauro Geraci explains the intricacies of the music, the paintings, the instruments and the drama of the performance. This material is drawn from The Open University course AA317, Words and music.

By: The OpenLearn Team (The Open University)

  • Duration 36 minutes
  • Updated Monday 8th March 2010

Track 1: The Italian Cantastorie

A short introduction to this album

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 The Italian Cantastorie A short introduction to this album Play now The Italian Cantastorie
2 The Art of the Cantastorie Mauro Geraci tells us what a cantastorie is and what skills do these artists have. Play now The Art of the Cantastorie
3 The Storytellers' Performance What the performance involves. Where do cantastories perform, and why? Play now The Storytellers' Performance
4 Mediation and Detachment How the cantastorie engages with the audience, and how the lyrics relate to the images in the posters. Play now Mediation and Detachment
5 The Cartellone, the Lyrics and their Musical Setting The importance of the cartellone (the poster) - it's function, and how it helps the cantastorie tell a story. Play now The Cartellone, the Lyrics and their Musical Setting
6 Storie and Ballate How the stories of the cantasorie are structured. Play now Storie and Ballate
7 Poetic and Musical Form How individual cantasorie's can communicate a story in different ways. Play now Poetic and Musical Form
8 The Guitar The relationship between the cantasorie and his guitar - how the guitar can add, or take away from a story. Play now The Guitar
9 Antunellu Missinisi- Performance Mauro Geraci performs Antunellu Missinisi, the story of Anonello a young artist in 15th Century Italy. Play now Antunellu Missinisi- Performance
10 Il conto paro – performance Mauro Geraci performs Il Conto Paro, a story about modern times, focusing on the London bombings and the G8 summit. Play now Il conto paro – performance
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