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Religion Today: Track 1


Religion is a powerful force in today’s world, as almost any newspaper or news broadcast will make clear. Inextricably linked with nationalism, popular culture, social norms and the lives of individuals, it touches almost every area of public and private life. This course examines many of the most exciting and controversial issues in religion today, including the impact of globalisation/Evangelicalism, feminism and environmentalism, and whether secularisation might mean the eventual death of religious practices and institutions, or whether New Age, Wicca and other alternative spiritualities might become the new face of post-modern religion. This material is taken from The Open University Course AD317 Religion today: tradition, modernity and change.

Track 1: Religion Today

A short introduction to this album.

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Religion Today A short introduction to this album. Play now Religion Today
2 Religion in modern Sweden Is religion dead in Sweden, or can it be resurrected? Play now Religion in modern Sweden
3 Egypt's return to Islam Why is secular Egypt returning to Islam? Play now Egypt's return to Islam
4 Buddhism in the Lake District Studying, living and learning at a Buddhist temple in the Lake District, Britain Play now Buddhism in the Lake District
5 Buddhism in Birmingham Buddhism in Birmingham. Play now Buddhism in Birmingham
6 Keeping the youth in church How the Anglican church is combining traditional and modern to keep the youth involved in the church. Play now Keeping the youth in church
7 Testimony to God A look at the creation of humanity in the eyes of God and some testaments by the congregation of Milton Keynes covenant fellowship. Play now Testimony to God
8 Assemblies of God church in prayer Congregation of the Assemblies of God church having a church service. Play now Assemblies of God church in prayer
9 Worship service of the Rhema church Rhema church congregation at prayer during a service, including hymns and preaching. Play now Worship service of the Rhema church
10 Cassandra, the village witch Cassandra Latham explains her life as a full time, Inland revenue accredited village witch. Play now Cassandra, the village witch
11 Glastonbury: three religious perspectives A film comparing three very different forms of worship in Glastonbury, starring Patrick Riley, an Anglican vicar, Jake Chapman, a Buddhist monk and Kathy Jones, a Goddess worshipper. Play now Glastonbury: three religious perspectives

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