Andante: beginners' Italian: Track 1


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Do you want to learn the basics in Italian? The audio tracks in this collection are devised for learning simple Italian, including expressions for greetings, ordering food and drinks, booking into a hotel and talking about a recent holiday. The tracks contain sample recordings with suggestions for how to pronounce Italian sounds, along with some activities to help improve your listening and speaking skills. This material forms part of The Open University course L195 Andante: beginners' Italian."

By: The OpenLearn Team (The Open University)

  • Duration 27 minutes
  • Updated Thursday 31st May 2012

Track 1: Greetings in Italian

Learn how to great people in Italian at different times of the day.

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Greetings in Italian Learn how to great people in Italian at different times of the day. Play now Greetings in Italian
2 Ordering food and drinks Practise Italian vowels ordering food and drinks. Play now Ordering food and drinks
3 Buying food at a market Listen to short exchanges at a fruit market and a deli. Play now Buying food at a market
4 Booking into a hotel Practise the sound of the letter ‘r’ booking into a hotel. Play now Booking into a hotel
5 Talking about recent holidays Learn how to use the present perfect tense for describing the past. Play now Talking about recent holidays
6 Talking about families Learn how to use the possessive adjectives for talking about families. Play now Talking about families