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Auftakt: intermediate German: Track 1


Do you want to improve your German while learning about life and culture in Germany and Austria? The 20 tracks in this album are devised as a revision of some post-beginners structures and vocabulary as well as an introduction to different aspects of everyday life in German speaking countries. The tracks contain recordings of German and Austrian native speakers and have been taken from the audio-visual materials for the Open University module L130 Auftakt, intermediate German.

Track 1: Introduction

Three German cities

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Introduction Three German cities Play now Introduction
2 City Tour Graz A tour of Graz Play now City Tour Graz
3 Das Schlupfhaus Emergency shelter for teenagers Play now Das Schlupfhaus
4 Talking about careers Talking about careers Play now Talking about careers
5 The Leipzig Trade Fair The Leipzig Trade Fair Play now The Leipzig Trade Fair
6 German Traditions: Nikolaus German Traditions Play now German Traditions: Nikolaus
7 Johann Sebastian Bach and Leipzig Johann Sebastian Bach and Leipzig Play now Johann Sebastian Bach and Leipzig
8 Leipzig Autumn 1989 Leipzig Autumn 1989 Play now Leipzig Autumn 1989
9 Memories of autumn 1989 Memories of autumn 1989 Play now Memories of autumn 1989
10 Memories of the German Reunification Memories of the German Reunification Play now Memories of the German Reunification
11 Living in Leipzig Living in Leipzig Play now Living in Leipzig
12 Going on holiday Going on holiday Play now Going on holiday
13 Wine from Styria Wine from Styria Play now Wine from Styria
14 Hiking Going hiking Play now Hiking
15 The Leipzig boys’ choir The Leipzig boys’ choir Play now The Leipzig boys’ choir
16 German weddings German weddings Play now German weddings
17 Carnival in Germany Carnival in Germany Play now Carnival in Germany
18 German Bier German Bier Play now German Bier
19 The Euro Info Centre Graz The Euro Info Centre Graz Play now The Euro Info Centre Graz
20 Hand bikes Hand bikes Play now Hand bikes

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