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Updated Tuesday, 7th December 2010
 If you enjoyed exploring Berlin, why not try getting to know the city in the local language?

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Entwicklung eines Wahrzeichens

Gym-rinteln.de was produced by students of a secondary school in Germany on the occasion of the 50th “birthday” of the Federal Republic of Germany. The students compiled a chronology on a wide variety of topics relating to the history of Germany in the period from 1949 to 1999. The link leads to two web pages about the Reichstag in Berlin

Download the Architecture:1 tasks and ideas pdf



The German language website berlin.de provides a lot of information on a wide range of topics relating to Berlin. We've chosen a chronology of the German Reichstag in Berlin.

Download the Architecture:2 tasks and ideas pdf


Checkpoint Charlie

The German language website Berlin für Kinder aims to tell children about the city of Berlin and important historical events.

Download the Borders:1 tasks and ideas pdf


Berlin.de on Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin.de provides a lot of information on a wide range of topics relating to Berlin. The particular link here leads to a web page which focuses on the former border crossing “Checkpoint Charlie” in Berlin.

Download the Borders:2 tasks and ideas pdf


Berliner Mauerweg

The Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus (Tourism Association of Germany) is an institution promoting tourism in Germany and runs this site. This page is about the Berliner Mauerweg, a hiking and cycling trail along the former wall around West Berlin.

Download the Spaces:1 tasks and ideas pdf


Der Weltstadtplatz

Tagesspiegel.de is the online edition of the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, a daily published in Berlin. Here, you can read an article about recent and future redevelopment projects for Alexanderplatz, one of the major squares in former East Berlin.

Download the Spaces:2 tasks and ideas pdf


Die Gärten der Welt im Erholungspark Marzahn

For information about parks and outdoor activities in and around Berlin, there's the website www.berlins-gruene-seiten.de. We've selected a web page which focuses on the botanical garden Erholungspark Marzahn. Marzahn is a district in former East Berlin otherwise notorious for its drab socialist-style housing estates made from precast concrete slabs.

Download the Cultures:1 tasks and ideas pdf


McDonald's erobert Kreuzberg

The German language website rundschau-online.de is the online edition of the German daily newspaper Kölnische Rundschau. Our choice is an article on the opening in 2007 of the first McDonalds restaurant in Kreuzberg, a district in Berlin with a distinctive flair of alternative lifestyles and multiculturalism.

Download the Cultures:2 tasks and ideas pdf


Kunst gucken auf der Brücke

The daily newspaper Berliner Zeitung has an online edition at berlinonline.de. The link here leads to an article about the Open Air Gallery in Berlin, an open-air exhibition for amateur artists in the district of Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain.

Download the Arts:1 tasks and ideas pdf


Das Radialsystem V feiert Jubiläum und braucht Hilfe

The website morgenpost.de is the online edition of the Berliner Morgenpost. The link here leads to an article about the third anniversary of RadialsystemV, an arts centre in Berlin showcasing and promoting a wide range of art forms.

Download the Arts:2 tasks and ideas pdf

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