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Getting started with Chinese business culture essentials

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Getting started with Chinese business culture essentials

Business dealings with China are on the increase. As a result, more and more organisations and business people are realising the need of doing more than just adhering to the rules of Chinese etiquette (such as presenting business cards with both hands) or the ‘dos and don'ts’ (such not opening gifts in front of your hosts) to have successful business meetings. What is needed is the understanding of the much broader context of Chinese culture and values that permeate Chinese business contexts so as to engage in enduring business relationships. 

This short course is designed to introduce some core Chinese cultural beliefs and values, highlight some potential challenges and bring in stories and reflections from Westerners who have lived and worked in China. A perfect introduction to doing business with China.

This OpenLearn course is an extract from the beginning of the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures short course, LXC050 Chinese business culture essentialsAfter completing this free course, you may wish to register for the full course to continue your learning!

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand better the concept of culture
  • confidently discuss the issue of cultural norms and misunderstandings caused by stereotypes of a particular culture
  • recognise the key indicators of intercultural competence
  • understand the importance of family and how that translates in business settings
  • appreciate the importance of speaking a little Chinese
  • say some greetings in Chinese.

First Published: 22/02/2021

Updated: 22/02/2021

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