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Free course

Getting started with Italian 3

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Getting started with Italian 3

In this free course, Getting started with Italian 3, you will learn and practise how to make enquiries about travel times using the 12-hour and 24-hour clock. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about the Tuscan Archipelago and about ferry services in Italy. The course also explores the Italian rail network and you'll learn vocabulary for talking about different types of train. The course offers interactive activities which will allow you to practise your listening and speaking skills, and there are quizzes so that you can test your learning.

This OpenLearn course is an extract from the beginning of the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures short course, LGXI003 Beginners Italian 3: stai andando bene! After completing this free course, you may wish to register for the full course to continue your learning!

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • make enquiries about train travel, journey time and distances
  • understand the ferry and train networks in Italy
  • use vocabulary for talking about different types of train
  • use c'è ('there is') and ci sono ('there are').

First Published: 15/06/2021

Updated: 15/06/2021

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