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MAED (Applied Linguistics) at the OU

Updated Monday, 11th June 2018
Are you interested in how language works? Do you want to know more about theories and methods relating to English language? Are you interested in researching an educational context?

The MAED (Applied Linguistics) qualification at the OU is a three module qualification which explores these and other issues.

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Applied linguistics and English language (EE817)

Linking knowledge about the English language, how it is used, and the contexts in which it operates, this module explores the role of language in teaching and learning, business/professional communication, healthcare and many other real-life settings. You will develop a solid grounding in a range of ideas and techniques within applied linguistics (e.g. semantics, pragmatics, intercultural communication, conversation analysis, ethnography, language and globalisation, role of technologies) and apply this to case studies from a variety of contexts. You will enhance your practical understanding of how such research and enquiry can be useful in different areas of life, including your own professional practice.

Language, literacy and learning (EE818)

MA Ed dissertation: applied linguistics (EE819)


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