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Fast, fun, free: Try some of our Spanish language items

Updated Tuesday 21st March 2017

OpenLearn is full of short items where you can learn something fast, for free - and have some fun doing so. Here's a selection of easy ways to start with Spanish.

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Creative commons image Icon Paco CT under CC-BY-NC-SA licence under Creative-Commons license
Spanish in the LearningSpace article icon


Spanish in the LearningSpace

Sample some free Spanish course content, picked from the LearningSpace

Daughters of Spain timeline activity icon


Daughters of Spain timeline

Meet some of Spain’s extraordinary women through the centuries in this interactive timeline.

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Portales: beginners' Spanish second edition audio icon


Portales: beginners' Spanish second edition

How do people greet each other and introduce themselves in Spanish? How do they talk about their lives or their everyday activities? This second edition of Portales: beginners' Spanish contains a variety of short conversations covering topics ranging from ordering a meal to discussing holiday plans.

45 mins
Advanced Spanish: Protest song free course icon Level 3 icon


Advanced Spanish: Protest song

This free course, Advanced Spanish: Protest song, will develop your knowledge and understanding of the societies and cultures of Spain and Latin America and extend the practical skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course focuses on protest song, a musical genre that has played an important role in Hispanic society.

Free course
4 hrs

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