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MK gallery

Updated Thursday, 10 August 2023

Step behind the scenes and into the vibrant world of MK Gallery with this collection of interviews with some of its staff members. Hear about their career journeys, and find out what the Gallery does to reach a wider range of people and to engage with different communities.

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This series of interviews explores how MK Gallery embeds inclusivity into the day to day running of the organisation.

PDF document Transcript 114.2 KB


This collection of interviews shows the ways in which MK Gallery works with different community groups within the city and collaborates with local charitable organisations.

PDF document Transcript 114.5 KB


These interviews look at the different paths that the staff at MK Gallery took on their journey towards working there.

PDF document Transcript 124.6 KB

Head over to MK gallery to find out more about their latest news and exhibitions. 


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