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Getting started with German 2
Getting started with German 2

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4 My favourite cuisine

What type of food do you like best? Activity 4 looks at some of the popular cuisines.

Activity 4

Read the sentences and match them with their English translations. Then check your answers.

Some of the words describing popular cuisines you have come across already, others you might be able to guess.

Using the following two lists, match each numbered item with the correct letter.

  1. Ich esse gern chinesisch.

  2. Ich esse gern italienisch.

  3. Ich esse gern indisch.

  4. Ich esse gern mexikanisch.

  5. Ich esse gern griechisch.

  6. Ich esse gern französisch.

  • a.I like to eat Chinese.

  • b.I like to eat Indian.

  • c.I like to eat Italian.

  • d.I like to eat Greek.

  • e.I like to eat Mexican.

  • f.I like to eat French.

The correct answers are:
  • 1 = a
  • 2 = c
  • 3 = b
  • 4 = e
  • 5 = d
  • 6 = f

What is your favourite cuisine? If it isn’t one of the above, you might have to check the word in the dictionary. Write down your answer, then read out the German sentences, including your own answer to practise. Once you feel confident enough, record yourself on a mobile device.