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Getting started with French 2
Getting started with French 2

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4 The verb aimer

In this section you will study the verb aimer in more detail. It might be a good idea to allocate a specific section of your language notebook to verbs.

Activity 5

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You will have noticed that the verb is pronounced the same for:

  • J’aime
  • Tu aimes (the final S is not sounded)
  • Il / elle aime
  • Ils / Elles aiment (the final NT is not sounded)

But the pronunciation is different for:

  • Nous aimons
  • Vous aimez
Table 1 Using pronouns with the verb aimer
Je (I) to talk about yourself J’aime les fruits.
Tu (you) to address somebody informally Tu aimes le fromage ?
Il (he) to replace the name of a man Alain, il aime les desserts.
Elle (she) to replace the name of a woman Brigitte, elle aime le fromage.
Nous (we) to replace a group including yourself Nous aimons les glaces.
Vous (you singular) to address a person formally

(You plural) to address a group of people

Laura, vous aimez le poisson ?
Annie et Paul, vous aimez le vin ?

Ils (they) to talk about a group of males

or mixed group of males and females

Marc et Paul, ils aiment le vin.
Luc et Anne, ils aiment la viande.
Elles (they) to talk about a group of females Julie et Louise, elles aiment la bière.

Activity 6

Revise the verb aimer with different pronouns. Drag each pronoun to the right sentence.

Using the following two lists, match each numbered item with the correct letter.

  1. J’ / Il / Elle

  2. Nous

  3. Ils / Elles

  4. Tu

  5. Vous

  • a.aimes la bière ?

  • b.aimons surtout les entrées.

  • c.aime beaucoup les croissants

  • d.aimez les desserts.

  • e.aiment beaucoup le fromage.

The correct answers are:
  • 1 = c
  • 2 = b
  • 3 = e
  • 4 = a
  • 5 = d