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Introduction to Ukrainian language and culture
Introduction to Ukrainian language and culture

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3.2 Key language

Table 5 and Audio 18 transcript: Wider family and friends
Ukrainian Transliteration Translation
батько batko father
мати maty mother
дідусь didus grandfather
бабуся babusia grandmother
онук (внук) onuk (vnuk) grandson
онучка (внучка) onuchka (vnuchka) granddaughter
дядько diadko uncle
тітка titka aunt
чоловік cholovik man / husband
жінка / дружина zhinka woman / wife
хлопець khlopets boy / boyfriend
хлопчик khlopchyk (small) boy*
дівчина divchyna girl / girlfriend
дівчинка divchynka (small) girl*
сусід susid male neighbour
сусідка susidka female neighbour
колега koleha colleague
сімʼя simia close family
родина rodyna wider family

**Words хлопчик khlopchyk and дівчинка divchynka were formed as diminutives from хлопець khlopets and дівчина divchyna. They denote younger boys and girls (approximately till 13 years old).

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