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How to learn a language
How to learn a language

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2.3 In-person meetups

There are events in towns and cities worldwide that bring people together with an interest in languages. Events vary in purpose and nature. Some language events are more cultural, while others exist with the specific purpose of speaking that language.

Attending in-person events allows you to connect with people face-to-face. Beyond the obvious benefits of language practice, meeting people with similar interests can be hugely motivating, and can lead to friendships and opportunities that make all the difference in your success with languages.

Tip: is the go-to place to find language events near you. However, in my experience, more niche or low-key events are not advertised on Meetup. Searching Facebook or Google for ‘language exchange’ or ‘meetup’, and including a language and location, can uncover hidden gems. For example, try searching: ‘Japanese language meetup London’.