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Everyday English 1
Everyday English 1

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1.5 Final version

In everyday writing (and for Functional Skills English and Essential Skills Wales Communication assessments), your final version of a written text is the most important part. It is the bit that gets marked or judged. You should have corrected all the errors up to this point so that your final copy is exactly as you want it to be.

Activity 9 Final letter

Timing: Allow about 15 minutes

Use your plan and draft from Activity 6 to write a final version of the letter about the vacuum cleaner. You can do it either in the box below or in a word processing app like Word.

Here’s your draft from Activity 6:

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To use this interactive functionality a free OU account is required. Sign in or register.
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Did you remember that you need to put your address and the date on the letter? As this is a business letter, you should also include the address of the person you are writing to.

The letter must start and finish appropriately. If you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to, start with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ and finish with ‘Yours faithfully’. If you do know their name, start the letter with ‘Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs … (add their name)’ and finish with ‘Yours sincerely’.

Your final version should look similar to this:

123 My Street

Tel 01234 234789

28 September 2019

Steve Trent, Manager
Ultra Cool Electric Products
54 West Street
ABC 345


Dear Mr Trent

On 25 September I bought a vacuum cleaner, model Ultra Cool ZX3 costing £75, from your shop.

After three weeks the cleaner stopped working. It turns on but does not have any suction power and will not pick anything up.

Please confirm that as the product is under guarantee you will replace it. I will come into your shop on Saturday 2 October to collect the replacement. Before I make the journey to the shop please let me know by telephone if you have another cleaner in stock.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

Yours sincerely



A. N. Customer

You’ve now gone through the process of planning, drafting and producing the final version of a formal letter. You’ve had some practice at proofreading. You’ll now go on to look at the different kinds of text you may have to write.