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Creativity at Work: Track 1

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Is creativity a mind-set or can it be developed? How much influence does organisational culture have on creativity in the workplace? And is there space for innovation within all business environments? Managing a successful business is never simple, especially when it’s necessary to navigate a company through a changing landscape. Featuring a series of interviews on topics such as flexible working, the role of leadership and creating under constraint, this collection also takes a closer look at fear, bias and intuition and the role they play on shaping creative environments. It examines approaches used by both private and public sectors and gives an insight into how they use different aspects of creativity to run their organisations. Martin Miller of independent music label Beggars Banquet talks about managing change, while NHS Chief Exec Samantha Jones talks about managing creativity when faced with the pressures of running NHS trust. Also featuring contributions from Microsoft, Cloud Reach, Morgan Lovell, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and Milton Keynes Dons football manager, Karl Robinson.

By: The iTunes U team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 1 hour 15 mins
  • Updated Monday 17th February 2014
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under Money & Business
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Track 1: Creativity, Innovation and Rewards

A selection of perceptions and experiences of creativity, innovation and Rewards in their line of business.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Creativity, Innovation and Rewards    A selection of perceptions and experiences of creativity, innovation and Rewards in their line of business. Play now Creativity, Innovation and Rewards
2 Flexible working    Working from home and in the office. Play now Flexible working
3 Managing change    As with many consumer experiences, our interaction with, and consumption of music has changed. Play now Managing change
4 Creative Leadership    Creative leadership is about empowering your team and allowing them to make the right decisions to see your plan through. Play now Creative Leadership
5 Culture    Organisational culture is the behaviour of humans who are part of an organisation. Play now Culture
6 Fear    Does fear help or hinder success in the workplace? Play now Fear
7 Open Plan    The pros and cons opinions on open plan offices. Play now Open Plan
8 Creating under constraint    This film looks at creativity under constraint in both the public and private sectors. Play now Creating under constraint
9 Mindset    Exploring mindset and perception. Play now Mindset
10 Intuition    This film looks at the importance of intuition and decision making. Play now Intuition
11 Bias    We all have slightly different biases depending on our experiences in life. Play now Bias
12 Mood    Some interesting theories on mood suggests it may well play a part in creativity. Play now Mood