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Gain a badge and further your career

Updated Thursday, 2nd November 2017

Did you know that The Open University offers a range of free badged courses on OpenLearn all geared towards helping you with employability and your career? 

The word Impossible becomes I'm possible Creative commons image Icon Impossible becomes I'm possible under Creative Commons BY-ND 4.0 license

On OpenLearn you can find a range of courses aimed at improving employability skills. Many of these courses offer you the chance to gain a digital badge on completion of the course, which you can share as evidence of your achievement – and it's all for free. 

If you're more interested in shorter pieces of learning to help improve your career, we offer an array of free courses on OpenLearn. 

See our 'Skills for work' courses

With all of these courses, they can be studied at any time and at a pace to suit you. You can also earn a free statement of participation on completion.




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