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Imagery and metaphor: Track 3


How do you address problematic issues at work? This album reveals more creative ways to solve problems, other than relying on rational techniques such as brainstorming and lateral thinking. Employees at a small software company are shown how to access their unconscious minds using the power of imagery, associative thinking and metaphor, to find solutions and creative approaches to their work. Meanwhile at a Neuro-linguistic Programming seminar, participants learn to use metaphor on a deeper level for practical problem-solving. The facilitators also comment and discuss their techniques and observations, including the significance of gesture, body language and breathing in the sessions. This material forms part of The Open University course B822 Creativity, innovation and change.

Track 3: Group metaphor development

Employees start to map their metaphors for the companyís work.

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Imagery and metaphor An introduction to this album. Play now Imagery and metaphor
2 Engaging the imagination Ways of solving problems using the power of imagery and metaphor at work. Play now Engaging the imagination
3 Group metaphor development Employees start to map their metaphors for the companyís work. Play now Group metaphor development
4 Storytelling warm-up Techniques for a group to make up a story together, a powerful technique for working on problematic issues. Play now Storytelling warm-up
5 Clean language Using the clean language technique to work out what sparks off a good idea. Play now Clean language
6 Imagery manipulation The facilitator elicits a metaphor from the storyteller, to explore an issue indirectly by using the imagination, imagery and feelings. Play now Imagery manipulation
7 Using imagination Exploring the imaginative, associative side of your brain. Play now Using imagination

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