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What is ‘woman’s work’?

Updated Friday, 10th February 2017

Dr. Cinzia Priola challenges ideas of what is “woman’s work”.

The main aim of this chapter is to illustrate the ways in which Italian women entrepreneurs experience and manage the relation between the demands of their work and those of their family. Specifically, the analysis will focus on understanding whether the perceptions of work–family interface are constructed as conflicts and/or whether they are also viewed as opportunities for professional and personal enrichment. In exploring these experiences of work–family interface the chapter will also discuss the specific factors that affect the balance between work and life.

Read the chapter: De Simone, S., & Priola, V. (2015). 24. What’s ‘woman’s work’? Work–family interface among women entrepreneurs in Italy. Handbook of Gendered Careers in Management: Getting In, Getting On, Getting Out, 390.





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