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The Life Story of Your T-Shirt: Production

Updated Wednesday, 14th October 2015

What goes into a t-shirt? How are they made and what impact does ethics and sustainability have on the supply chain? Get the inside perspective.

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The production of a t-shirt is surprisingly complex, with lots of different stages all with implications for the social and environmental sustainability of a t-shirt. The supply chain includes many people, such as designers and retailers in the global north and in the developing south, cotton and yarn producers, fabric knitters and dyers, cutters and sewers, label producers, packers, shippers and so on.

In this section we show you some of the issues that can influence the sustainability of a t-shirt through its lifecycle. You also have the opportunity to explore the journey of a t-shirt around the world through the different stages of its lifecycle and see the many miles that a humble t-shirt can travel. Mouse over or tap the circular icons to find out more about each stage.

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