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Leslie Budd on... headhunting

Updated Thursday 10th June 2010

Leslie Budd likens headhunting for new recruits to judging a talent contest; how do companies recruit and retain talented people while the talentless are so difficult to get rid of?

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‘Talent will out’ seems to be the cliché of our times and appears to underpin TV programmes which celebrate celebrity culture.  But retaining and recruiting talented teams and individuals is a serious challenge.  It does depend on which sector you operate in but also what stage of the economic cycle you face.  The other question is should you use your own resources for talent scouting or use head-hunters, even though they may not have particular expertise in your industry?  The trouble with head-hunters is that they can appear like judges of a talent contest and as TV reality shows demonstrate the talentless will frequently out, and they are very difficult to get rid of.

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