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Environment: habitat and conservation: Track 1

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The relationship between sea and land has always been one of dynamic change. Yet, as rising sea levels threaten habitats for wildlife and humans alike, we are today more vulnerable than ever. The 11 video tracks on this album address the complexities of environmental change, focusing on the Blackwater Water Estuary in Essex where a coastal retreat scheme is in operation, managed biodiversity at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire, and the search for sustainable forms of development along the River Severn. This material forms part of the course U216 Environment.

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Track 1: Environment: habitat and conservation

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Environment: habitat and conservation    A short introduction to this album. Play now Environment: habitat and conservation
2 Blackwater: A Threatened Habitat    Change on the Blackwater Estuary. As the sea level rises this unique landscape and its valuable biodiversity face destruction. Play now Blackwater: A Threatened Habitat
3 Blackwater: Coastal Retreat Schemes    Different ways to save the Estuary, assessing which habitats to protect and which to let go. Play now Blackwater: Coastal Retreat Schemes
4 Blackwater: Experimenting with Nature    Creating new salt-marsh has economic and environmental impact. Farmers, conservation workers and fishermen share their views. Play now Blackwater: Experimenting with Nature
5 The Wetlands of Wicken Fen    What is biodiversity? Assessing the role of conservation in maintaining Britain's oldest nature reserve. Play now The Wetlands of Wicken Fen
6 Following the Food Web in Wicken Fen    Experts analyse and compare habitats, identifying the 7,000 species that thrive at Wicken Fen. Play now Following the Food Web in Wicken Fen
7 Managing Habitats in Wicken Fen    Human impact on the Fen - a walk through the managed conservation areas. Play now Managing Habitats in Wicken Fen
8 Survival of Wicken Fen    The different threats conservationists face and the methods used to preserve biodiversity. Play now Survival of Wicken Fen
9 River Severn Floods    The geological history of the longest river in Britain, and its continuing transformation today. Play now River Severn Floods
10 How Rivers Work    Is the Severn changing again and what should we do about it? Identifying what causes floods. Play now How Rivers Work
11 Ways to stop floods    Farmers and conservationists explain how we can change the way we use the land. Play now Ways to stop floods
12 Challenges for the Future    Creating more natural reservoirs and flood plains. Increasing biodiversity along the river's path. Play now Challenges for the Future




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