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Do Something Great

Updated Monday, 21st March 2016

As part of the BBC's Do Something Great season, we've compiled a range of resources to help you give back in the community and explore volunteering.

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D Something Great logo Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC Looking to get into volunteering? This Spring and Summer the BBC is launching its Do Something Great season. The season aims to get people to pledge their time towards volunteering and start making a difference. To complement Do Something Great OpenLearn has curated a variety of free learning tools including free courses, podcasts and games to help you get involved with the voluntary sector and helping others. What's more, The Open University also co-producied a TV series with the BBC on the subject of intergenerational volunteering - Old School with the Hairy Bikers

Choose from the points below and get stuck in:

Get volunteering

Want to learn more about the voluntary sector? We have a free short 8-week course for you. The course features interviews with Martha Lane Fox, the Chancellor of The Open University and a significant figure in the voluntary sector. What's more, you'll earn a digital badge for your involvement. Check out the introductory trailer below and then select the free course. 

Additionally, The Open University Business School has recently launched the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL). The centre aims to provide voluntary sector organisations free access to leadership development modules and research-led insight to help strengthen those in the sector at a time of uncertainty. You can find out more on the CVSL's website

Clean up your coast

Get involved with clearing up your coastline in the 'help your coast' article below. You may even find some treasures on the way. Additionally, check out our free course on managing coastal environments to understand the changing nature of the coast.

Help someone get online

Why not devote an hour or so of your time to helping someone less internet savvy than you delve into the digital world? To help them, check out the articles and free courses below to enhance their knowledge. 

Do your bit for the environment

Take small steps to reduce your carbon footprint, get involved with our 'creative climate' project and find out why it's important to save the earth.

Inspire different age groups

Thinking about volunteering to help another age group to transfer your generation's skills and knowledge? Find out more by trying our interactive on challenging ageism and free courses on the topic. 

Start saving species

Look into conservation with our free resources below. From gorillas in Africa to the tiniest bugs in your back garden, we've got a range of species covered. 




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