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PodMag May 2016

Updated Friday, 13th May 2016

PodMag is the monthly update of news, views and interviews from the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Open University.

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Get your highlighters ready, it’s revision time!  In the May edition of the PodMag, Karen interviews Dr Georgina Blakeley, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Studies and Chair of DD102, Helen Clough, Learning and Teaching Librarian, and Jacqueline Baxter talks to three students about their hot tips for preparing for EMAs and exams.

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Dr Georgina Blakeley

Karen interviews Georgina for hints and tips on successfully completing EMAs and exams.

Georgina explains the differences between EMAs and TMAs, the importance of reading student notes, seeking advice from your tutor at tutorials or day schools, how to use past exam papers, where to go for support and the resources available for students preparing for exams.

Helen Clough

Karen briefly interviews Helen about the always difficult area of referencing.  Helen outlines why referencing is important and talks about the OU Library referencing guide. This gives advice on how to approach different types of references, from module materials and websites, to wikis, blogs and tweets, and the differences between in-text citations and a bibliography or reference list. The support the Library can provide with referencing queries is also covered.

Jacqueline Baxter

Finally Jacqueline Baxter interviews three students, Ben, Androulla and Kelly, about their hot tips when preparing for EMAs and final exams.  They discuss exam preparation, dealing with nerves, speaking to your tutor about problems, getting and giving support in forums, and tips for being prepared on the day.

We wish you the very best of luck with your EMAs and exams! You’ve worked really hard throughout the year, just this final challenge to go before you can put your feet up for a bit.

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