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The Life Story of Your T-shirt

Updated Friday, 6 November 2015
What makes our clothing ownership and use sustainable?  As part of the Festival of Social Science week (7th-14th November 2015), the Institute for Social Marketing is running an online event to explore this question and how social marketing research helps to answer it.

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The Life Story of Your T-shirt

We all own t-shirts in different colours, styles and fabrics. Some are old favourites we have had for years, some we have recently bought. T-shirts tend to be cheap and because of this we probably don’t think too much about the stories behind their production, the journeys that they make and the implication of these for social and environmental sustainability.

What we would like to do is to tell you a bit more about the story of your t-shirt from design through to end of life and give you the opportunity to share stories of your own t-shirts. Select each part of the image below to visit different areas of the site.

We hope you enjoy exploring the story of a t-shirt and learning a little more about the social and environmental sustainability issues through the life of a t-shirt. The whole process from design to your home can be as long as 6 months and that does not include the 6 months it takes to produce the cotton from seed to the harvest of the cotton boll. Something to consider next time you put on a t-shirt! If you have any difficulties with the navigation above, try using the links below instead.

This online event has been created in support of the Economic and Social Research Council's Festival of Social Science, for more information and events, visit the ESRC website. To share your comments and insights into the event with the ESRC, complete this short survey.


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