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Josephine Armstrong's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Josephine Armstrong

Josephine Armstrong


Hi, I am jo. I live in the country. Nearthe sea and fields. I love walking and so does my dog, Holly. She is a Jack Russell and something. I have two hobbies learning, writing about things, facts or fiction. I like writing about all sorts of things. I think writing children's stories isfun. It takes me back in time to the stories I loved as a child. Writing children's stories I don't think is that easy. It is something I would like to learn about. My other hobby is sketching. Particularly trees and plants. Another art hobby I started last summer was coloring with pencils. I find this very relaxing. Hobbies I think are very important. That's why I am here. I do like television as well. Especially the soaps!

All I can say is that over the years I have spent a lot of time learning. I went off to Canterbury University as a full-time student to do a degree course in theology and religious studies. It was something I had always wanted to do. I had left school to be a shorthand/typist, but the urge to keep learning stayed with me. So I took three years off to go and do what I yearned for And pleased that I achieved the degree. I have studied many coursesat Open University. So now I am back here with the free courses to learn more.