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Natasha Georgina Faiers


Natasha Georgina Faiers release 2022© Tasha Faiers photos and mini mixed media. Creativity archives. *Please do not redistribute my photos or images without asking request of use. Thanks. Natasha Georgina Faiers *Formerly Mrs Natasha Georgina Barrell 2022© About The Author: " Natasha Georgina Faiers has written poetry, lyrical verse and spoken word art for over thirty-five years. It began as an arts project with a poem about friendship in her teens. This project is related to her background. Meticulously it has spanned some incredible highlights in broadening the aspects of how the English Language taught becomes a very different expression for good. She has written for in-house Communication magazines and for small press houses as well as at request for topical stories for some Charitable organisations. Natasha has taken her creative writing as an adult student enjoying the ability to find composition. Researching to learn then incorporate her personal attributes; attention to her hobbies and recreational an enjoyable pursuit. Natasha has studied creative writing, composition, art and drawing both as a teenage Voice Box stage school delegate and an adult student with online based learning and college based adult student learning. It began submitting to a small press house based in Peterborough in about 1998 and have continued to write in with her verses. Having numerous poems published in anthologies individually or as a small collection as a Spotlight author Natasha also supporting the Great British Write Off for England. she say’s “I have a fondness for writing nature based poetry. I have often used the areas I grew up, travel and live as inspiration in my Poetry. I am always looking to try improve my styles and poetic forms and just really enjoy the Creativity of writing and developing what to me is something I find very therapeutic and enjoyable." Natasha Georgina Faiers Facebook Meta Blurb via Microsoft Cloud re-lease on verification 2022© *I have a previous City& Guilds and OU background. So I recently sat a introduction to Arts Management and A Diploma with two different providers gaining a further distinction. Whilst creative writing I enjoy the experience of a learning role it helps me to challenge my capacity I feel. So whilst looking for work and volunteering with The JAUK and some other locations I am rediscovering the depth of my Arts Management Diploma and enhancing this. I have an existing pass in ILM with a distinction and so with my transferable skillset and a background in HR & Learning & Development I have set myself a schedule to keep it periodically refreshed. I'm excited to have a few subjects I am really looking forward to. Thanks very much for having me Open Learn Education. Kindest regards, Natasha.