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Carlos Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Carlos Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez

Carlos Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez


As a Designer, I am aware that it is not enough just to provide a quality product or service, it is also necessary to know how to show and promote it in an efficient, modern, and professional way. I like to work as a strategic partner using all my experience and resources at the service of the growth of the project, campaign, or enterprise; providing support in brand activation, corporate image, and visibility. My daily motivation is to make technology and communication an effective commercial and social tool, working on excellence, innovation and passion principles. I have been working continuously for over 20 years, mainly with Digital Design and Marketing support remotely to companies and organizations abroad in Latin America, the Caribbean, and lot times in the United States, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, and Holland. Among all the services I provide to my clients, those that stand out from the competition are: • Development of advertising campaigns 360: online. • Production, animation, and post-production of corporate videos and video marketing with high visual impact. • Development of creative concepts and digital advertising campaigns designed specifically for the target audience and focused on effectively increasing the number of clients. • Advertising consultancies: advice on market penetration strategies, visibility, and corporate image. • Design and integral development of both Web sites and social networks, always oriented to the user's experience and the generation of new leads.