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Profile: Paul Banks

Paul Banks


A level 4 Diploma from Trinity College London (90 credits) (ATCL), also a Diploma in SEN (120 credits) & Level 3 LSA Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (32 credits). A progressive and proven record of achievement. Specific skills involve working with Autistic, SAD, PTSD, ADHD, and ODD students, as those suffering from separation anxiety, and severe learning disabilities students. Non-English-speaking pupils/students and having Cultural Sensitivity skills when collaborating with non-English pupils/students. At the same time being aware of possible cultural clashes whilst helping them settle into a classroom setting and working 1 to 1 where required. Also, to reassure parents about the work set for their pupils and encourage them to be part of their child’s education. A strong teaching assistant and communicator with a talent for involving and motivating students of all ability levels. Specific experience in special educational needs teaching, confidence building, communication skills, programme, and curriculum development. Also working 1 to 1 and in small groups work on building relationships. Strong leadership qualities and the ability to manage challenging behaviour calmly and effectively. Innovative, professional, and compassionate with the ability to adapt quickly to change. Advanced computer skills, with in-depth experience of utilising technology in the classroom to maximise the learning experience.