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Rebecca Elizabeth Flower's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Rebecca Elizabeth Flower

Rebecca Elizabeth Flower


I was Chef by trade for over 2 decades, also owning/running my own business, which was open to the public for 3 years. Having had a breakdown in an unfortunate relationship - that forced my decision to close my business, so I could move on. This took me to therapy, I've had both private & NHS therapies & would recommend.

Having tried to go back into employment with a previous employer of mine & unfortunately this not working out due to a change in both my mental & physical state, I suggested voluntary work may be good for me. My therapist therefore gave me a couple of websites to look at & I came across the Witness Service for CAB. Completing e-learning courses, observing trials & currently shadowing my team leader & other volunteers with victims & witnesses. While doing so, I have come to decide this is now what I want to do as a career, using my own life experiences were applicable.

80s Rock Fan

Foodie - still love hospitality!