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BENJAMIN Ayesu-Koranteng's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: BENJAMIN Ayesu-Koranteng

BENJAMIN Ayesu-Koranteng


I am a Fine Art graduate from the Durban University of Technology. I curently work as a school manager at an Indipendent School called Butterworth Revival Christian School. I have just completed a course in school management with University of South Africa. Butterworth Revival obtained 100% in the 2019 academic year, We also took the number one position in the Amathole East district. Working as a manager of a school is not as interesting than working in a field related to my studies. Having a Fine Art Diploma Iam suposed to be working in an Art gallery or a Museum because I was also trained to be a Curator. I love being involved with children because our school is a Christian School. I am single looking for someone dutiful to be my wife. But its all in the hands of God. Having a huge responsibility has made me very matured, because I am responsible for 20 people who are my staff members at the school. Our school operate from grade R to 12 so its a lot of chalenges but God always sees us through. I love chalenges because when ever I pull through them I move on to the next level. Thank You All God Bless. Benjamin I was borne in Ghana but has been living in South Africa since the age of 10, I visited Ghana twice in my 28 year of living in SA. My parents being economic migrants did their best to ensure that Iand my siblingd had a good future. Today we own a school which is a Christian one. Filled with many chalenges but its encouraging.