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Stephen Francis Myler's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Stephen Francis Myler

Stephen Francis Myler


Dr Stephen F Myler has a BSc (Hons) Psychology from the Open University in the UK and a MSc & PhD from Denmark in Clinical Psychology. Taking some free OU courses to improve my knowledge of particular areas of interest such as criminology, psychology, mental health and historical sociology. I have been working in China for over 18 years as the Head of Clinical Psychology at several hospitals and clinics. In addition to this I am active in corporate training for fortune 500 companies and have presented at many high-profile companies to date. Seen as amongst the top three psychologists in China and recognised by the World Council for Psychotherapy for over 11 years as a leading professional in the treatment of mental health. In September 2020 I returned to the UK, Stirling in Scotland and living on the campus of Stirling University for a year while my Chinese wife studied her MSc in business and management. Now living in Leicester in the UK working globally for mental health.