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Jesmion Samson Chikwudi (JSC) Ibekwe's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Jesmion Samson Chikwudi (JSC) Ibekwe

Jesmion Samson Chikwudi (JSC) Ibekwe


Hi, Iam Jesmion Samson Chikwudi Ibekwe; student at The OpenUniversity (UK), i studied at Manchester College in the 1980s, on correspondent course, and at P2PU; i studied environmental science. also (Religion). I studied with the FutureLearn Iam Jesmion Samson Chikwudi ibekwe, from Umuogoulo Uruagu Umudioka, Dunukofia local government area, Anambra state. I have been studying ever since, on correspondence courses with The Business English college, Sevendale House, 7 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1JB, Accredited By The Council For The Accreditation Of Correspondence Colleges, in 1980s; had an online education with the Peer2peer university in 2013&2014, with high level; unfortunately the system got down; i no longer studying as the system is under construction; i got an online admission with The OpenUniversity (uk), fortunately, i studied 'environmental science', with other subjects of interest: JSC Ibekwe for The Open University.