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Scott Lord


I was writing an unpublished novel "live or in progress" on the Internet and had webpages on the history of Swedish film from silent film to Ingamr Bergman when I came across a MOOC on Scandinavian film from the University of Denmark while I was searching for research. From there a course on Kierkegaard from Denmark, Shakepeare from Warwick and Birmingham,Robert Burnsfrom Glasgow, and then ten or more from Harvard, the number of completed courses reaching over fourtyfive in two years, including a class from the University of Edinburgh which I was allowed to take twice by being a mentor for an extended period.

I use these classes here from the Open Universityin between classes to keep sharp, as well as to acquaint myself with material that might be covered in classes currently offered from the Future Learn platform as well as forclasses for which I receive financial aid from the United States.

In the meantime there is intermittent revision on an newly conceived, in progress novel.

Gratefully, I have returned to the Open University online after open heart surgery. While I was in intensive care I was in the middle of a course on Judaism and Scripture from Harvard and I finished the course while in hospital after the heart attack.Of course there is no internet access in the intensive care unit, but also the pain after open heart quadruple bypass lasts about a month.Since then I have completed. twoonline course from Yale Divinity as well as having returned here and two classes on religion from universities in Israel, including a course on the Kabbalah.

I am still referring back to courses from Open Learn to improve my other online courses. My course from the University of Pennsylvania has a lifetime membership with meet up events world wide and I have met the instructor twice and have met two of his teaching assistants, as well as my other poetry Professor from Harvard University with whom I had four online courses. Because I live near Harvard University I also met my professor in Australian Literature, my having recognized him and then having introduced myself while he was visiting Harvard Square.

In regard to Open Learn helping me with my lifestyle, we do of course have ministers here that are from England, Non-conformists, as it were. I not only attend weekly, but I live with the librarian. Being interested in history, raised Methodist but now a worshipper in the Congregational, I like to bring my online courses into the church Sunday and work there.

Scott Lord, online student