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Kay Elizabeth Millar's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Kay Elizabeth Millar

Kay Elizabeth Millar


Hello and thanks for visiting my profile. I'm Scottish and I've always loved to learn new things! I'm particularly interested in social care topics related to the elderly, dementia, and those with learning disabilities. No-one should be underestimated and everyone treated with kindness, respect and compassion. 

I want to enhance people's lives by expanding their horizons, introducing fun activities and reducing isolation. I also want to support their families to the best of my ability. My background is in Admin and Customer Service. I have extensive experience in that area and switched careers to Activities in care homes in recent years but am now wanting to go back to the office side. 

In this digital age many elderly people I speak to feel left behind and isolated: I feel it's important that those of us who find technology easy to use share that knowledge with people that are keen to learn or at least give it a go. It's always good to keep the grey cells working and learning something new is so good for your wellbeing. 

To do all that I need to be willing to grow and develop myself, which is where OpenLearn comes in. I'm very grateful to everyone at OpenLearn for all their hard work and allowing me the opportunity to learn so much and pass it on.  When you work full-time and have family responsibilities it's sometimes hard to squeeze in but it's always great to know it's only a click of the mouse away. I love that you can just dip in and out of it wherever and whenever suits you. 

My other passion is singing and I do that at our local hospice, care homes and sheltered housing on a voluntary basis in my spare time. I've been a member of NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) and learned lots of fun activities there that offer mental, creative and physical stimulation with plenty of laughs thrown in that I like to share too with any interested groups. There's nothing better than putting a smile on someone's face! :)