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About the Design Hub

Updated Tuesday, 27 February 2024

Welcome to the Design Hub where you can find out more about design and innovation at The Open University.

Find out more about The Open University's Design courses and qualifications.

At the OU we see design as a catalyst for change. Our work and teaching recognise social, ecological, and technological challenges, and build the capability, knowledge and skills needed to deliver creative and critical responses to these challenges using design thinking, practices, and processes.  

The design hub provides an overview of the wide-ranging themes and issues that design connects to, which will help you if you are considering studying design at the Open University. You will also find information about studying at a distance and hear about student study experiences.

In addition, the Design Hub draws in content relevant to design from different subject areas in OpenLearn as well as linking to learning support materials, such as general study skills and course information. 

Interested in the background graphic on this page? Learn more about the mathematical pattern behind this kind of design here.

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