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Design Behind the Bike: Track 1

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The Design Behind the Bike Series explores the effect of science and technology on cycling and explores how the development in technology has changed bike design and build over the last 100 years. The series of five films explores the development of technology, components, materials and innovation used to build and design new bicycles for the current market. The series includes the history of the bicycle, Materials explores the products available to build bicycles, Frame Design looks at the developments in design techniques, the Wheels film explores the different components and their structure and Aesthetics looks at what influences the designer and the consumer.

The films form part of the Open University Course T317 and T174

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Track 1: History

History of the Bike and the Tour de France

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 History    History of the Bike and the Tour de France Play now History
2 Aesthetics    The significance of aesthetics Play now Aesthetics
3 Wheels    The history, design and evolution of the wheel Play now Wheels
4 Materials    Titanium , carbon fibre and the resurgence of steel Play now Materials
5 Frame Design    Design through the Years Play now Frame Design




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