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Supply chains: the supermarket: Track 1

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How does a large supermarket chain expand into new markets? How does it adapt to new cultural values and consumer preferences? This album tells the story of leading UK retailer Tesco, which has increasingly become an international player in markets such as South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. The company gains global reach by forming strategic partnerships and adapting to distinct cultural traditions and preferences. Examples from Korea, Hungary and Thailand illustrate how the management and impact of supply chains presents fundamental organisational challenges. This material forms part of The Open University course T882 Supply chain innovation, strategy and management.

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Track 1: Supply chains: the supermarket

A short introduction to this album

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Supply chains: the supermarket    A short introduction to this album Play now Supply chains: the supermarket
2 Shaping Tesco overseas    How leading retailers have been expanding their global reach, introducing Tesco's burgeoning operations in Korea Play now Shaping Tesco overseas
3 The Korean hypermarket    How cultural values in Korea differ from Britain and how this impacts on the Korean shopping experience Play now The Korean hypermarket
4 Localising the European model    Adapting Western shopping models, such as "own-brands" and online shopping, for the Korean consumer Play now Localising the European model
5 Monk-buckets and mango-pickers in a Thai Tesco    The challenges of developing an efficient supply chain in Thailand Play now Monk-buckets and mango-pickers in a Thai Tesco
6 Managing Thai Tesco    How stock is managed amongst different Tesco stores, and how this affects the local competition Play now Managing Thai Tesco
7 Where do old rubber trees go?    One company's waste is another's resource. A Thai company tranforms its leftovers into luxury products for Tesco UK Play now Where do old rubber trees go?
8 Tesco comes to Hungary    Developing hypermarkets in the transition economies of Central Europe. Play now Tesco comes to Hungary




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