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Tackling noise pollution: Track 1

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Noise is one of the forms of pollution that characterises industrial societies. Many forms of noise in the urban environment, including traffic and aircraft noise, can cause significant harm in varying degrees. So just how much noise are you exposed to? The tracks in this album explain the measurement and control of noise and look at how motor engineers and road researchers are trying to cut down on noise pollution from transport. Lastly, two audio tracks featuring Dr Shahram Taherzadeh and Dr Suresh Nesaratnam explore the issues arising from the case studies and provide an overview of course. This material forms part of The Open University course T210 Environmental control and public health.

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Track 1: Tackling noise pollution

A brief introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Tackling noise pollution    A brief introduction to this album. Play now Tackling noise pollution
2 Noise levels    A fun, easy introduction to the scale of noise pollution and what kind of exposure leaves the ear irreparably damaged. Play now Noise levels
3 Driving out noise    Car manufacturer Lexus insulate their trademark luxury cars, but what is the impact of 'white noise' on people living near motorways? Play now Driving out noise
4 Tuning car engines    Experts from the Motor Industry Research Association analyse and refine engine noise to reduce its effects on the driver. Play now Tuning car engines
5 Living with road noise    The people of Derbyshire village Doveridge describe how noise pollution from the A50 has changed their lives. Play now Living with road noise
6 The noisiest roads in Britain    The Transport Research Laboratory use a machine called Triton to measure tyre noise on all kinds of road surfaces . Play now The noisiest roads in Britain
7 Contexts and issues    Dr. Shahram Taherzadeh explores the issues arising from the case studies and gives an update on the latest techniques to control noise pollution. Play now Contexts and issues
8 Studying environmental control    Dr Suresh Nesaratnam introduces The Open University course T210 Environmental Control and Public Health. Play now Studying environmental control




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