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Women in engineering - interview with Robyn Moates

Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018

Hardware engineer Robyn discusses the highlights of her job, plus the misconceptions of her industry.

Engineering has many stereotypes and some of these couldn't be further from the truth. It's not solely a man's world, as proved by the Women's Engineering Society, who will celebrate their centenary in 2019. They formed after World War I, as pioneering women who worked in engineering and technical roles during the conflict campaigned to retain their roles when the war ended.

Robyn Moates works for Green Energy Options (geo), and talked to us about her life as an engineer.

The best thing about being an engineer


I never feel alone as an engineer. No matter what’s happening, something, you need something done, it will get done. And it will get done by teamwork.


The biggest myths in engineering


A lot of the rare metals that we use in electronics are starting 
to run out. Which means we need to find alternatives,
we need to get better at recycling them.


The major challenges ahead for engineering








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