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Earth's physical resources: renewable energy: Track 1

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As the world responds to climate change, we explore whether sustainable energy can satisfy our need for endless economic growth, without radical changes in the way we live. This album examines power sources which provide cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels, such as wind power, biomass, hydro power, wave and tidal power, solar and geothermal power. The nine video tracks introduce the different approaches adopted in Britain and across Europe, the challenges faced and the projects of the future. This material forms part of S278, Earth's physical resources: origin, use and environmental impact.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Earth's physical resources: renewable energy

An introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Earth's physical resources: renewable energy    An introduction to this album. Play now Earth's physical resources: renewable energy
2 Wind power in Europe    Which European country has the best wind resource, and which has the most turbines? Play now Wind power in Europe
3 Wind power in England    The story of Kirkheaton wind farm, run by Northern Electric and AMEC Border Wind. Play now Wind power in England
4 Wind power in Wales    The story behind some of the first wind farms developed in the UK. The concerns and obstacles these projects faced at the outset. Play now Wind power in Wales
5 What is biofuel?    How do we make biogas and what forms of biomass are we currently using in Europe? Play now What is biofuel?
6 Hydroelectricity    Introducing Loch Sloy, the biggest hydroelectric scheme in Britain. Play now Hydroelectricity
7 The future of solar power    How photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. A look at the government's incentives for household photovoltaic systems in Germany. Play now The future of solar power
8 Photovoltaic and solar thermal panels    Solar power stations in Holland generate energy, even on cloudy days. Examining the photovoltaic schemes in operation in the UK and the rest of Europe. Play now Photovoltaic and solar thermal panels
9 Wave and tidal energy    Will wave energy eventually overtake wind power? A look at today's technology in operation and the offshore devices of the future. Play now Wave and tidal energy
10 Geothermal energy    How extreme heat occurs beneath the Earth's surface, and how aquifers and bore-holes can provide a valuable source of energy. Play now Geothermal energy




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