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Rocks in the field: Track 1

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Geology is the scientific study of the Earth, its origin, structure, processes and composition. This album features The Open University's Glynda Easterbrook and fellow geologist Tony Lee as they visit Northern Ireland to look at some amazing rock forms and some fascinating successions of different depositional environments. This material forms part of The Open University course S260 Geology.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 40 mins
  • Updated Friday 7th August 2009
  • Posted under Geology
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Track 1: Rocks in the field

Intro to album, as per album description.

© The Open University 2009

Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Rocks in the field    Intro to album, as per album description. Play now Rocks in the field
2 Giant's Causeway    The Open University's Glynda Easterbrook visit's Giant's Causeway, a rock formation which is the result of a volcanic eruption and Northern Ireland's most popular tourist attraction. Play now Giant's Causeway
3 The interbasaltic horizon    What is an interbasaltic horizon? Geologist Tony Lee investigates this fascinating geological feature. Play now The interbasaltic horizon
4 Magma, pressure and gas bubbles    What are the similarities between a volcano and a bottle of cola? This simple experiment explains all Play now Magma, pressure and gas bubbles
5 Metamorphism of rocks    Explore the variety of rock types in this geological excursion along the Causeway Coast. Play now Metamorphism of rocks
6 The Antrim Coast    There are many types of rock on the Antrim Coast. Chalk is one of the most interesting. Discover its secrets: microfossils, flints and much more. Play now The Antrim Coast
7 Two more igneous rocks    Glynda Easterbrook of The Open University heads into the field to examine granite, one of the most beautiful igneous rocks. Play now Two more igneous rocks
8 Sedimentary rocks    Geologist Tony Lee reveals the hidden stories locked into the features of sedimentary rocks. Play now Sedimentary rocks
9 A rock matrix    Did you know rocks are far from solid? Discover how the internal matrix of rock is formed. Play now A rock matrix
10 Rock successions    Fieldwork is an important and fun part of geology. Explore large-scale geological investigation with this look at rock layers and deposits. Play now Rock successions




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